C# Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Assemblies and Security
3. Data Access
4. Keywords
5. Windows Applications
6. Web Application
7. Remoting and Webservices
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Sample from the book
(Below Questions and Answers are randomly taken from different pages of the book)

63: What are the different data adapter events used for responding to the changes made to the data source?


The data adapter events used for responding to the events are as mentioned below:

a) RowUpdating: The event is raised before the row is updated from the DataSet and is processed at the source. The event is used for changing the behavior before the update functionality is performed and also provides additional event handling. User can cancel the modification and reschedule the data. The RowUpdatingEventArgs arguments passed to the event contain Row property, command property, and a Statement Type property.

b) RowUpdated: The event is raised after DML operations are performed on the row. It is used for handling the exceptions and errors that occur in an update. The ContinueUpdateOnError property is used for handling the error for the updated rows.


64: List the namespaces used for data access.


Following are the namespaces used for data access:

a) System.Data

b) System.Data.Common

c) System.Data.Odbc

d) System.Data.Oledb

e) System.Data.ProviderBase

f) System.Data.Oracle

g) System.Data.Sql

h) System.Data.SqlClient

i) System.Data.Sqltypes


65: List out the classes available in System.Data namespace.


The following are the shared classes available under the System.Data namespace:

a) DataSet

b) DataTable

c) DataRow

d) DataColumn

e) DataRelation

f) Constraint


66: List out the Data Specific classes available in C.


a) SqlCommand, OracleCommand, OleDbCommand and ODBCCommand are used for executing Sql statements or Stored Procedures

b) SqlConnection, OracleConnection, OleDbConnection and ODBCConnection are used to connect to the database

c) SqlDataReader, OracleDataReader, OleDbDataReader and ODBCDataReader are used as forward only data reader

d) SqlCommanBuilder, OracleCommanBuilder, OleDbCommanBuilder, ODBCCommanBuilder are used to generate SQL statements

e) SqlParameter, OleDbParameter, OracleParameter, ODBCParameter are used to define parameter to stored procedures