Hibernate, Spring & Struts Interview Questions

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I bought this before going off on a series of interviews because, although I'd used Hibernate and Spring before, it had been a while, and I wanted to refresh my memory.

There's nothing in here that you couldn't gather for yourself. That said, it's a decent - but shallow - collection of questions and answers. You'll likely not gain anything more from this book than either a refreshing of your memory or a high-level understanding of the topics - enough to talk briefly about them to an interviewer. However, that might be more than enough. For me, it helped to answer a few preliminary questions at one place and got me an interview that I might not have otherwise gotten (although I ultimately decided on somewhere else). However, this will not in any way teach you enough to talk in depth on any of the three subjects.

If you've got the time, read up on the topics for free online. Otherwise, this book might be worthwhile for you. Specifically, as a Kindle purchase that I could review on my iPad, it gave me something to review without looking like I was reviewing as I was waiting. I would have preferred something better, but at the price, this was sufficient and - surprisingly, as far as I was concerned - useful at least once.

- By Joseph S. Wood on www.amazon.com
Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Joseph S. Wood