Cost Accounting & Management Essentials You Always Wanted


This is yet another in the series called Self Learning Management that addresses ordinary people who wish to learn how to better their management skills and become more successful in their own businesses. The author, Kalpesh Ashar, has a very straightforward manner of explaining concepts, helping the reader to develop skills, and then follow-up lessons to practice those skills before trying them on in public!

`An accounting system helps capture and organize information related to business transactions - financial accounting and managerial accounting.' With that simple definition the author covers Cost Accounting Fundamentals, Balancing of the 3 factors - Cost, Volume & Profit, Concept of Relevant Information and Decision Making, Activity Based Costing, Cost Allocation Techniques, Cost Variances and Control - each covered thoroughly (but extremely understandably) in separate chapters. Following Ashar's development of thinking the reader gradually expands the understanding of the complexities of these systems until they actually do make sense! By the end of this book it is obvious that we now understand the standard Cost Accounting Terms, can apply cost accounting concepts to real-life business scenarios and can use relevant cost accounting information to make solid business decisions.

As is his custom, Ashar includes cost accounting problems to solve and accompanies those with actual solutions - a very trustworthy and insightful way to solidify the self-learning aspect of this excellent series.

- on by Grady Harp
Date Added: 12/11/2012 by Grady Harp