Advanced C++ Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked


In my opinion, the shelf life of C++ knowledge is one of the shortest of all types in the developer's world. The language has so many special cases and potential pitfalls that once you move away from it for awhile the knowledge tends to leak away.
The 200 questions about C++ in this book are all pointers for the experienced C++ person to some of the major characteristics of the language that are easily forgotten. Some are basic, such as the behavior of static variables, pointers and function calls with reference parameters. Others deal with the object-oriented aspects of C++, constructor and destructor calls, where copy constructors are used and how to implement polymorphism. The more advanced topics are very brief mentions of exception handling, templates and the standard template library, the differences between sequential and associative containers and stream and file manipulators.
If you have been away from C++ for some time, the questions in this book will show you where there is a need to sharpen up your skills if your goal is to re-enter the C++ coding world. This would of course be especially important if that route requires you to answer some questions testing the depth of your knowledge.
The second section of the book is a set of generic interview questions such as "Do you have any blind spots?" These questions appear in every book is this series and are found in many places, so they do not differentiate this book from many others.

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Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher