Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test


This small in size by large in content book is a part of the Test Prep Series published as guides to those who are preparing for Graduate Record Exams. No book is going to guarantee a students passing these ominous examinations, but the writers of this series allow some of the most positive preparation techniques currently available.

This particular book provides analytical writing insights for the REVISED GRE general test. The book is itself a test, but a test taken in the quiet of the student's space, acclimating the student for the concepts presented in the GRE. As the book states in its introduction, 'The Analytical Writing Measure is intended to assess your ability to think critically and write effectively about a topic while following specific directions.' Two tasks are presented: 1) Analyze an Issue and 2) Analyze an Argument. The book then supplies tow portions and allows the reader/student thirty minutes to complete each. It then provides a scoring guide of issue and Argument that are relevant to the revised GRE regulations and guidelines.

The book finishes with 10 solve essay topics with input on how to approach each topic, and finally 10 practice exercises to polish off the lessons learned. Though the information here listed will probably only be understood by those preparing for taking the GRE - this is hardly an entertaining book for the non-student to read! But the careful and smoothly worded manner in which this book is written will make the material easily understood by those in preparation phases for the GRE. AND the important aspect of this manual is that it takes into account all of the changes on the GRE since August 1, 2011! It would seem almost negligent not to pay attention to this new and very helpful guide. Grady Harp, November 11

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