Financial Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know


When you read a piece about what skills companies want in their IT people, the common theme is that the executives want their IT people to have some knowledge of the business. Specific skills are the understanding of return on investment, the cost of capital and the overall cost of debt. In other words, the executives want their IT people to be able to understand the short and long-term financial consequences of a capital expenditure such as a new software system.
This book will provide that essential set of skills for IT people as well as any other group that will benefit from a fundamental knowledge of business financials. The material is presented in a straightforward manner, the book can be considered as a "For Dummies" in terms of content but without all the surrounding fluff deemed necessary to make it palatable. Each chapter concludes with a small set of solved example problems and a second set of practice exercises. Solutions to the practice exercises are not provided.
The topics covered are:

*) Financial statement analysis
*) Cost of capital & capital budgeting
*) Working capital management
*) Capital structure
*) Distribution to shareholders
*) Forecasting financial statements

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Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher