Computer Architecture Interview Questions You'll Most Likely


By necessity, these questions about how the fundamental operations of a computer are carried out are simple. For the answers have to be expressible in at most a sentence or two in order to qualify as a question that would be considered a valid one to ask a potential hire. The questions are good, as someone that has taught basic computing, digital design and assembly language programming, I recognized some as questions that I have asked on quizzes and exams.
The book is designed to provide a quick review of potential talking points for the person that is scheduled to interview for a position where a basic knowledge of computer architecture is needed. That goal is met and reading the questions and answers will also cause the experienced person to think a bit more about logical corollaries to these questions. Therefore, while there are 200 technical questions, the effective breadth is a bit wider than that.
The second section contains a set of 51 standard questions that could be posed in an interview for any position in an organization. Reading that set of questions and giving each a few seconds of thought will really help you prepare for any job interview
Date Added: 07/22/2013 by Charles Ashbacher