Conquer the GRE: Stress Management & A Perfect Study Plan


While not all applicants for positions in graduate school have to take the GRE, when it is necessary it can count for a great deal. There is of course wide variation in how much weight is assigned to the GRE score, but one thing is fairly certain, a low score can mean you are not accepted or are not eligible for assistance.
In these cases, there is a natural amount of stress in taking the GRE tests and it is money and time well spent to adopt sensible study habits in both the short and long term senses. This book contains a set of tips and practices for success on the GRE and while most of the suggestions are not original, they are still very helpful. Reference is made to other books that can be used in your preparation although most are also published by Vibrant.
Given what can be at stake when taking a GRE test, it is a sound practice to prepare beforehand. In fact, to most people the lack of preparation for the test would be a strong indicator of the lack of the ability to succeed in graduate school. While it is one of many publications about how to prepare for major exams, that does not diminish the value of spending the time reading and implementing the suggested techniques
Date Added: 07/22/2013 by By Charles Ashbacher