SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts


Most great writers have one thing in common, many rejections before achieving success. In general, their explanations are similar; they needed to develop their craft through writing, writing and more writing. The clear conclusion of this is that writing is a skill acquired through practice rather than genetics, to get good at writing you must write and rewrite.
To many people, the SAT is a significant event in their life with major consequences. Success on the SAT can lead to acceptance into the college of their choice as well as the potential for winning scholarships. One of the ways in which an applicant to a college can differentiate themselves from the others is by writing superior essays on their SAT exams.
With so much as stake and the effectiveness of writing practice, the serious student should spend some time and effort in preparing for the essay section of their SAT. This book is an excellent way to do that. It contains a set of 50 sample essays. The prompt is composed of two paragraphs. The first paragraph sets the scenario and the second asks the questions and then gives instructions regarding what form the answer should have. After the problem has been developed, the affirmative and negative positions are stated, each in a single sentence. The example is then concluded with a solution that is four to five paragraphs long.
A careful examination of the solutions will prepare the reader to analyze a question and then be able to develop and justify a reasonable position that is well argued and articulated. That is what the graders are looking for in their analysis and this is a skill that can be learned, especially from this book.
Date Added: 07/23/2013 by Charles Ashbacher