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Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test
Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test

ISBN: 9781465738042

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Book Description:
Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test, as the name suggests, covers everything you need to know about the Analytical Writing section of the GRE revised General test. It features the different question types, scoring pattern, solved essays, tips, tricks and strategies separately for both the analytical writing tasks.
Though, the Analytical Writing section is not changing dramatically in the revised GRE, the tasks are now more specific. That means you are now expected to provide more focused responses based on the presented tasks. Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test pins down expert strategies and simplified methods you need to follow to get those focused responses leading to a higher score. Solved responses to 5 Analyze an Issue topics and 5 Analyze an Argument topics are preceded by ample prewriting activities including but not limited to rephrasing the topic statement, identifying the evidence, assumptions, facts and claims, posing an alternative point of view and developing your position.
If you plan to appear for the GRE on or after August 1, 2011, then this is a must have book for you.
From the Front Cover
a) Expert Strategies and simplified methods to produce focused responses
b) Scoring Guides for Issue and Argument tasks as per the revised GRE Guidelines
c) Ten solved essay topics with strategies to be used as a benchmark
d) Ten Practice Exercises for additional practice

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