Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test

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•    Expert strategies and simplified methods to produce focused responses
•    Fourteen solved essay topics with strategies to be used as a benchmark
•    Scoring guides for Issue and Argument tasks as per the GRE Guidelines
•    Six Analytical Writing Tasks for additional practice

Analytical Writing Insights on the GRE General Test, as the name suggests, covers everything you need to know about the Analytical Writing section of the GRE revised General test. It features the different question types, scoring pattern, solved essays, tips, tricks and strategies separately for both the analytical writing tasks.

The tasks in the Analytical writing section of GRE are now more specific. That means you are now expected to provide more focused responses based on the presented tasks. Analytical Writing Insights on the GRE General Test pins down expert strategies and simplified methods you need to follow to get those focused responses leading to a higher score. Solved responses to 7 Analyze an Issue topics and 7 Analyze an Argument topics are preceded by ample prewriting activities including but not limited to rephrasing the topic statement, identifying the evidence, assumptions, facts and claims, posing an alternative point of view and developing your position.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Analytical Writing Measure
    Strategies for Completing Analytical Writing Measure
2. Analyze an Issue Task
    Scoring Guide
3. Solved Issue Tasks with Strategies
    Issue Task 1
    Issue Task 2
    Issue Task 3
    Issue Task 4
    Issue Task 5
    Issue Task 6
    Issue Task 7
4. Analyze an Argument Task
    Understanding the Context for Writing
    Scoring Guide
    Preparing for the Argument Task
5. Solved Argument Tasks with Strategies
    Argument Task 1
    Argument Task 2
    Argument Task 3
    Argument Task 4
    Argument Task 5
    Argument Task 6
    Argument Task 7
6. Practice Exercises
    Practice Exercise 1
    Practice Exercise 2
    Practice Exercise 3

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a) Easy to understand writing techniques
b) 14 solved Essay topics
c) 7 solved Issue tasks with strategies
d) 7 solved Argument tasks to be used as benchmark

Introduction to Analytical Writing Measure
The Analytical Writing Measure is intended to assess your ability to think critically and write effectively about a topic while following specific directions. You will not need any specific content knowledge to complete either task in this portion of the test. The purpose of both writing pieces is to determine your readiness to perform appropriately at the graduate level. 
During this portion of the test, you will complete two writing tasks: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument. For each portion, you will have 30 minutes to read the prompt and directions and to plan and execute your response. 
The two tasks are opposite in their nature. During the Analyze an Issue task, you will write persuasively as you express your point of view on the selected topic, which may be in the form of an opinion, a recommendation, a claim and reason, or the presentation of two points of view. It is important to read the directions carefully to insure that your response is addressing the prompt correctly and to enable you to receive the highest score. 
During the Analyze an Argument task, you will evaluate an argument to determine the strength of the facts and assumptions that it presents. You may be asked to evaluate the evidence in order to determine if the assumptions are correct, formulate questions that will need to be answered before determining if the assumptions are correct, what further evidence is necessary before the argument can be declared correct, or what steps should be completed before accepting a recommended course of action. As in the Analyze an Issue task, in the Analyze an Argument task, reading and following the directions carefully is the best way to insure that you receive a high score for your efforts. 

Strategies for Completing Analytical Writing Measure
Each portion of the writing measure is 30 minutes long. In that period of time, you must read the statement or brief passage and the directions for creating your response, plan how you want to respond, and write your essay. If you spend too much time taking notes and organizing your thoughts, you may not have enough time to finish writing your essay. On the other hand, completing a prewriting activity sufficiently will help you write your essay more quickly. Budgeting your time is crucial, and responding to some of the prompts published on the ETS site, will help you to do that. Although the GRE readers are aware of the time limit and that your essay is essentially a draft, they will expect you to perform at a high level. Leave a few minutes at the end of each writing section to review your essay for errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and sentence structure.

Solved Issue Tasks with Strategies
The Analyze an Issue task presents you with a statement that expresses a point of view about a topic of general interest. The statement is followed by a set of specific instructions that will determine the manner in which you respond. You may find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with the statement almost immediately. How you feel about the statement is not important, but you will be expected to present a strongly developed case for your own point of view.  As you think about your own point of view, consider other perspectives as well. Before you begin to write, read the instructions carefully. Take some brief notes, list some questions that the issue generates, and organize your ideas in a logical manner. This task will assess your ability to think critically and write clearly, using varied and accurate vocabulary, a meaningful variety of sentence structures, and correct grammar, spelling, and usage.

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