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Conquer the GRE: Stress Management & A Perfect Study Plan
Conquer the GRE: Stress Management & A Perfect Study Plan

ISBN: 9781479216956

Price:   $6.99
Sale: $5.94

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Book Description:


For many undergraduate students heading to graduate school, the GRE is one of the many steps they will have to go through during their academic careers, aside from preparing graduate school applications, finishing up undergraduate requirements and applying for scholarships. The GRE is administered in different countries all around the world and many American and foreign universities rely on GRE scores to determine which student is granted acceptance in certain programs.


The key to success, when it comes to the GRE, is thorough preparation and a good understanding of stress management techniques. This volume has been created with the busy student in mind, offering valuable insights on the GRE, what is stress, what causes it, how a student’s GRE performance gets affected by stress and tips and strategies on how to cope with it.


It also includes two detailed ready-to-use study plans - one for 6-months and the other for those who have less time in hand i.e. 8-weeks. These plans can be directly put to use saving substantial planning time for the students. 


From the front cover:



  • GRE Overview
  • Stress and its causes
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Two detailed Study Plans
  • Test Taking Tips and Strategies

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