GRE Master Wordlist: 1535 Words for Verbal Mastery

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  • GRE Master Wordlist: 1535 Words for Verbal Mastery is the one and only resource that gives you great results in a small amount of time. Master the New GRE vocabulary with these essential 1535 words!

    Preparing vocabulary for the New GRE can be tricky. Students usually don’t know how much to prepare and end up wrestling with dictionaries and thesauruses. Not anymore! With GRE Master Wordlist: 1535 Words for Verbal Mastery’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to master the essential GRE vocabulary in no time. And you don’t need to learn many thousands of words for it – just the top 1535. Handpicked by GRE experts having years of experience, these words reflect the core of the GRE exam and promise perfect score to aspirants who master them.


    Here’s the learning offered:

  • The top 1535 words that feature in verbal reasoning section of the GRE
  • List of synonyms and antonyms you are going to need in the exam
  • The right context for using the words through sample sentences
  • The right way to pronounce the words, thanks to the easy and friendly pronunciation system given
  • Understanding where the words fit in as parts of speech. This increases your word-awareness and builds verbal skills

Verbal reasoning has become more challenging in the new format of the GRE. As a result, students aiming for a high score need to master all the essential words they are likely to come across. With New GRE Master Wordlist, you have everything you need to build a comprehensive vocabulary and ace the verbal reasoning section.

Table of contents

1. Chapter #1 (Abase - Aplomb)

2. Chapter #2 (Apocalyptic - Bemused)

3. Chapter #3 (Benediction - Centaur)

4. Chapter #4 (Centrifuge - Concomitant)

5. Chapter #5 (Concord - Denigrate)

6. Chapter #6 (Denouement - Epistemologist)

7. Chapter #7 (Epitaph - Gawk)

8. Chapter #8 (Genealogy - Impolitic)

9. Chapter #9 (Importune - Legerdemain)

10. Chapter #10 (Lethargic - Nocturnal)

11. Chapter #11 (Noisome - Plauditory)

12. Chapter #12 (Plebeian - Repudiate)

13. Chapter #13 (Requiem - Slew)

14. Chapter #14 (Slough - Tensile)

15. Chapter #15 (Tepid - Viscous)

16. Chapter #16 (Vitiate - Zephyr)



a) 1535 essential words for complete preparation

b) Easy pronunciation guide

c) Synonyms and antonyms

d) Sample sentences

e) Parts of speech

f) The definitive guide to essential vocabulary for GRE






Sample from the book


ABASE (v) [uh-BEYS]

Syn: lower; humiliate

Ant: exalt; elevate; honor; raise; promote

Usage: To add insult to injury, he further abased her by throwing the report at her in the presence of the rest of the staff.


BRINDLED (adj) [BRIN-dld]

Syn: tawny or grayish with streaks or spots

Ant: solid-colored

Usage: A fine, brindled animal was following Mary.


INFLUX (n) [IN-fluhks]

Syn: inward flow

Ant: outflow

Usage: The influx of refugees into the nation from the war-ridden country was growing day by day.


QUIETUDE (n) [KWAHY-i-tood]

Syn: tranquility

Ant: bustle; chaos; noise

Usage: After living in the bustling city, the quietude of the farm was unnerving.



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