GRE Quantitative Reasoning: 520 Practice Questions

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GRE Quantitative Reasoning 520 Practice Questions, as the name suggests, includes 520 QuantitativeReasoning questions as per the GRE guidelines. This book acquaints you with all types of Quantitative Reasoning questions like Quantitative Comparison, Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple Choice Multiple Answer, Data Analysis and Numeric Entry. Dedicated chapters on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis cover these topics in depth. 10 Timed Practice Exercises towards the end of the book help youto practice in simulated test conditions. Kick off your practice NOW for a higher GRE score!
a) 520 Solved examples to practice and master the Quantitative Reasoning Section
b) Includes Numeric Entry, Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple Choice MultipleAnswer, DataAnalysis & Quantitative Comparison questions
c) Covers Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic & Data Analysis questions
d) 10 Timed Practice Exercises
e) Answer Key with detailed explanation for every question

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