JAVA/J2EE Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked

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This book contains two sets of questions, the first deals with questions about J2EE and the other is a set of generic questions that could be asked of any applicant in any field. Some example questions from the generic section are:

*) Tell me about yourself.
*) Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?
*) Why Should We Hire You?

These questions can be found in many resources, so they do little to differentiate this book.
The J2EE questions deal largely with statements that explain what an acronym or component means or does. Some examples are:

*) What is CORBA in J2EE?
*) What is a deployment descriptor in J2EE?
*) What is a DOM API in J2EE?

These questions are designed to test your understanding of J2EE at the level of 20,000 feet, none are detailed and it is most unlikely that any interviewer would press an interviewee on many of them. Even the most broad-based and experienced developer would have difficulty in giving effective answers to many of the questions. If the developer codes in the area they could give specific details of how they use it, but may choke on giving the broad overview response. When you code you interact with specific details and the general principles can serve as an unneeded distraction.
Studying these questions will give you a set of simple answers to general principles, but employers generally do not hire people with a superficial understanding of many areas of J2EE. They want people with specific knowledge and experience so if you are going to apply, it would be best to learn the specifics of the position and study up on that.

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Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher