C# Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked


I have taught courses in programming in C# twice, so I have a solid understanding of the basics of the language. Yet, I was taken to school with a few of these questions; they really forced me to think hard about the answers. This is of course a tribute to the quality of the questions, as many of them force you to think deeply before answering. If you can either answer the question accurately upon reading it or thoroughly research the answer if you can't, then you will be very well prepared for any technical interview where your knowledge of C# is to be tested.
The second section of questions is a series of generic ones that are commonly asked in interviews. Since they are included in all the Vibrant books containing such questions and are available in many other places, they do not differentiate this book in any way.

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Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher