XML Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked

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I am in initial consultations with representatives of a major financial company to provide them with a custom course in XML and XSLT. When I was developing the course outline I referred to this book to get examples of the topics that should be covered in the class. The questions were clearly ones that should be answered in depth in any class on XML and XSLT, so after reading and thinking them over, I altered the coverage accordingly.
The XML questions are general in nature, ideal for priming the intellectual pump so that the reader will think through their knowledge of the subject to provide an answer. Some examples are:

*) What is media rule in CSS?
*) Which element is used to select a value from an XML document?
*) What are siblings in an XML document?
*) What is a SOAP envelope?
*) What is the difference between PCDATA and CDATA?

The thought process performed when formulating answers to these questions is a great learning moment, no matter which side of the knowledge transfer that you are on.
The other section of the book contains generic interview questions such as:

*) Why did you leave your last job?
*) Describe your work ethic.
*) Describe your management style.

These questions are found in many different forums so do little to differentiate this book.

-By Charles Ashbacher on www.amazon.com
Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher