JAVA/J2EE Design Patterns Interview Questions You'll Most Likely

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Like all the other books in the job interview questions series published by Vibrant, this book has two sets of questions. The first are about topics in the Java/J2EE design patterns area and the second are generic job interview questions that could be asked in any interview. The second set appears in many other locations, including the other books in this series, so there is nothing about them that differentiates this book.
Regarding the Java questions, there are some that are very significant in the design patterns area, but there are a few where I am frankly puzzled as to why they appear in this book. For example:

*) What does JDK stand for?
*) What are constructor methods?
*) What is an algorithm?
*) What is polymorphism?
*) How can persistent storage of an object be achieved?

These are all questions covered in a first course in Java and so are not worthy of inclusion in a book on design patterns.
Conversely, the questions on patterns are very good and will cause you to be insightful as you ponder the course and depth of your answer. For example:

*) What is an interface in design patterns?
*) What is realization in design patterns?
*) What is dependency in design patterns?
*) What is a message in design patterns?

are all questions that delve into the heart of how a developer can take advantage of design patterns in creating large software projects.
If you are about to interview for a job where design patterns in Java will be used, then this is a good set of questions that will help you brush up on what are the most widely used patterns are as well as how they are used.

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Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Charles Ashbacher