Advanced JAVA Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked


Considering the price and the fact that there's no better "quick" book on the subject yet, this book is worth your money. Selection of questions seems to be random, and it is likely that you'll be asked only 10% of the questions as written, and another 30% would be related to subjects (mostly low level not touching on your Selenium test framework's design) in the book.

Who ever wrote the book is proficient in using spell checker, but forgot that books need to be proof read- you can still understand 10 or so nonsensical uses of words (spell checker corrections that do not make any sense) with only 1 I couldn't comprehend rendering a question useless at all.

Some of the topics discussed are great learning points, you can apply in your studies or at work.

Considering this is a piece of technical literature that delivers the goods promised I recommend this book, despite the need to debug it :)

- By Michael Kamentsev on
Date Added: 10/24/2012 by Michael Kamentsev