Verbal Insights on the GRE General Test


As expected, the Graduate Record Exams attempt to improve the ability to gage a student's readiness for Graduate Studies. A new aspect in the GRE this year is the use of Verbal Insights instead of simply written insights. The new GRE exams, both written on paper in a classroom or taken on a computer has three components - Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The new GRE has two general changes - greater emphasis on skills that are directly applicable to graduate study, and a more user-friendly interface for the computer based version of the test. According to the authors, the Analytical Writing portion of the test if more focused and features more detailed instructions, the Verbal Reasoning portion now places a greater emphasis on reading comprehension and ability to reason with written material, and the Quantitative Reasoning portion test competence with basic math but now places a greater emphasis on applying quantitative skills to real-world scenarios and data.

Sounds rigorous but what this book offers is supportive measures and techniques of preparation so that the new rules will seem very comfortable at the time of testing. It portion of the revised exam is presented in a comfortable, easily digestible manner and at the end of each preparation section for each of the three aspects, practice tests are presented along with a vary intense scoring guide that assists the student in not only understanding the changes that have been made but offers the much needed support to bolster a student's confidence before entering the ring! This book, along with all of the Vibrant Publishers Test Prep Series are indispensable to all who plan to prepare for and take the GRE. Grady Harp, November 11

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