Automated Software Testing Interview Questions You'll Most ..


This book of questions about automated software testing programs will challenge even the people with significant experience in software testing. It contains 250 questions about software testing and the range is extensive. In reading through the questions, I frequently had to stop and think deeply before moving on to the answer. The answers to each of the questions immediately follow the posing of the question.
If you were to read each question and then research and understand the answer you will have done the equivalent of a college course in testing, absent hands-on experience of course. This will also prepare you for any technical portion of an interview for a job in software testing management.
There is a second section containing 51 generic questions on your general approach to work that could be asked of an applicant for any job, although some of them are probably a bit more personal than necessary. For example, number 39 is "What is your greatest fear?
Date Added: 07/22/2013 by Charles Ashbacher