iOS SDK Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked


While the advance of technology means that new jobs are being created all the time in software development, the current area of the most dramatic changes and increase in employment is in the development for handheld devices. The iOS SDK is a software development kit used to develop native applications for iOS, the operating system for Apple iPhone devices. The SDK is written in Objective-C, which is an object-oriented version of the C programming language.
Given the enormous popularity of the iPhone and the rapid speed of innovational improvements, there is a great demand for developers that can program using the iOS SDK. It is a complex programming platform with a slow learning curve; it takes a great deal of time to become proficient in how it is used. Furthermore, the iOS SDK programming skills have a somewhat short shelf life in the sense that proficiency tends to fade over time if not refreshed.
This book is designed to be that refreshment tool for the programmer that understands the iOS SDK and needs a quick refresher to prepare for an upcoming technical job interview. There are 200 questions and answers with a wide variety of difficulty. Some deal with the fundamental concepts of the C programming language and object-oriented programming while others are very technical and specific about the iOS SDK. For example, number 194 is "What is the best method to use for sorting arrays of dictionaries."
If you are facing the make-or-break job interview in iOS SDK in the near future, this is a book that you can use to give yourself a crash course refresher in the development environment. If you have little experience in the iOS SDK, then this book will be of little value. A set of fifty standard job interview questions is included in this book; those questions are generic and have appeared in many other publications. Therefore, that section does not differentiate this book in any significant way
Date Added: 07/23/2013 by Charles Ashbacher