Operating Systems Interview Questions Youll Most Likely be Asked


As a veteran of teaching operating systems to computer science majors, I recognized many of these questions as having appeared on my exams. However, rather than beginning with "What is" my questions began with either "Describe" or "Explain." The form of the question is designed to mimic what the moderator of a technical interviewer would be asking and the answers are straightforward, giving enough detail to appear knowledgeable without reaching the point of overachieving. The 200 questions in operating systems cover the full spectrum of an operating systems course; most of them could be the starting point for an excellent exam question.
The second section of the book is a set of 51 questions that fit into the category of interview questions that an interviewee in any field could receive. For example, question 26 is "Tell me about a time when you successfully persuaded a group to accept your proposal." Glancing through them would be an excellent way to start your preparatory process for the interview.
There is one flaw in the book and that is the many errors in Basic English. For example, question 88 is, "How inter process communication is achieved?"
Date Added: 07/23/2013 by Charles Ashbacher