Conquer the GRE: Stress Management & A Perfect Study Plan


Vibrant Publishers doesn't leave the undergraduate student all prepped for the contents of the GRE and then leave them there. This little book deals with the actual preparation for taking the GRE complete with study plans immediately before the exam as well as a six month preparation for the test by suggesting the many books furnished by Vibrant Publishers to read and study.

But the respectful aspect of this little book is the fact that the publishing house cares about the mental preparation of controlling stress even if the student has prepared well for the expected steps and sections of the GRE. There are no miracles in this book, juts solid preparatory mental exercises to diminish the anxiety that goes along with entering the testing room and taking the exams.

The GRE is an important step and the preparation for taking it should be serious. It is just good to see that a company in the business of prepping students with study materials also cares about the mental well being of the ones preparing for the ordeal. As the book states, this brief guide `includes two detailed ready-to-use study plans - one for 6-months and the other for those who have less time in hand i.e. 8-weeks. These plans can be directly put to use saving substantial planning time for the students.' It is a nice adjunct to the steps in preparation. Grady Harp, February 13
Date Added: 07/22/2013 by By Grady Harp