Apache Web Server Interview Questions You'll Most Likely BeAske

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Apache Web Server Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand ahead above the rest in today's competitive job market. Rather than going through comprehensive, textbook-sized reference guides, this book includes only the information required immediately for job search to build an IT career. This book puts the interviewee in the driver's seat and helps them steer their way to impress the interviewer.


Table of Contents
1. General
2. Apache Web Server Installation
3. Apache Web Server Configuration
4. Apache Management
5. HR Questions



a) 200 Apache Web Server Interview Questions, Answers and Proven Strategies for getting hired as an IT professional

b) Dozens of examples to respond to interview questions

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Sample from the book

(Below Questions and Answers are randomly taken from different pages of the book)
20: What does a configtest do?
The configtest simply asks Apache to skim its configuration files to check for syntax errors. It is an ideal practice to use configtest after any change in the config files.
21: What is the use of status command in Apache server?
The status command can present us with a snapshot of what the web server is doing at a given moment, but it usually takes some preparation to get it to work.
22: What should we do to get a response from the status or fullstatus commands in Apache web server?
To get a response from the status or fullstatus commands, we would need to enable mod_status on the web server, configure it, and have a text-based web browser like "lynx" or "links" installed on our server.
23: What will happen if we just try to run "Apache2ctl status"?
If we just try to run "Apache2ctl status", Apache will let us know what needs to be done.
24: What is mod_status?
This module allows you to view a detailed status page for your web server. 
25: What type of information can we get by using the mod_status module?
mod_status module can be very beneficial in the following cases:
a) for watching our web server's performance during load testing 
b) for allowing a monitoring program like munin or mrtg to gather activity data for later aggregation