343 SAT Math Practice Questions

Price: $19.95

The redesigned SAT focuses on questions set in real world scenarios that test your college and career readiness. 343 SAT Math Practice Questions offers hundreds of realistic Math questions for that extra practice you need for cracking the SAT Math.
Just like the redesigned SAT Math, this book includes questions in all the four essential areas of Math: Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Topics in Math. These practice questions exemplify different ways in which the questions may be presented in the test, cover the complete range of difficulty levels and include answer explanations with strategies that help you reach the perfect score.
a) 343 Math practice questions to get acquainted with the new SAT
b) 1 full-length timed Math practice test to get the real feel of the exam
c) Detailed answer explanation for every question
d) Mixed platter of questions serving multiple content areas, sub-categories, difficulty levels and question types
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