GRE Wordlist: 491 Essential Words

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  • 491 “must know” words
  • Pronunciation details
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Parts of speech
  • Usage examples

Your Secret Key to the New GRE Exam!

The verbal reasoning section presents the most difficulty for GRE aspirants. Limitless as the English lexicon is, how do you know where to begin and how much to cover? Thankfully, with GRE Word List: 491 Essential Words there’s now an easy answer. These 491 words have been selected by GRE experts after extensive analysis of the verbal section, and form the perfect foundation for acing the exam. Unlike other vocabulary books, the methodology adopted is not that of learning by rote; emphasis is given on understanding the context and widening word-awareness.

Here’s what this book has to offer:

  • The top 491 words for the GRE, along with detailed, clear meanings
  • Synonyms & antonyms to widen your knowledge as you learn new words
  • Friendly pronunciation system to make sure you speak the words right, every time
  • Sample sentences to learn the right context for using the words
  • Parts of speech to complete your understanding of how to work with the words

GRE Word List: 491 Essential Words is the one and only book to turbocharge your GRE preparation. Get started now!