GRE Words In Context: List 2

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GRE Words In Context: List 2
•    500 GRE®-level vocabulary words
•    Three to five example sentences for each word
•    Parts of speech, synonyms and dictionary definitions for each word
•    Word List unlike any you have seen before!
•    INCLUDES  Valuable Tips and Strategies for Maximizing your use of the Word List
•    Put your Preparation for the GRE® on the Fast Track!

GRE Words in Context: List 2, like List 1, introduces 500 new GRE-level vocabulary words. The words in both the lists are unique. Each word is followed by its part of speech, synonym and/or descriptive meaning and three to five example sentences using that word in varied contexts. When appropriate, those varied contexts include both literal and figurative uses of the word. This approach of learning new and difficult words enables fully functional understanding of a word in all its complexities.
How will our Word List Help You Prepare for the GRE®?
Performing well on the GRE® General Test, especially its Verbal Reasoning section, requires a strong working knowledge of the vocabulary that appears in the questions—how those words function both literally and figuratively, how their meanings vary based on context, and how (in many cases) they operate as more than one part of speech.
Using All Three (3) of our Word Lists Can Put Your Preparation on the Fast Track
We offer three (3) Word Lists to help you prepare for the GRE®:  List #1, List #2 (this list), and a Challenging list.   It is important to remember that your goal is to be fully conversant in as many of these vocabulary words as possible.  Why?  You must not only recognize and comprehend the words when you encounter them in GRE® test questions, but you must also utilize sophisticated vocabulary to express your own ideas in the Analytical Writing section of the test. It is to your advantage, therefore, to have as many high-level vocabulary words as possible at your disposal.  This is especially difficult to do if your preparation time is limited. 
Working with all three lists, you can “fast track” your preparation by making it your first priority to activate your prior familiarity with all 1500 words across the lists.  Because these are words with which you are already familiar, they will be the easiest to move (through your study of the word lists) from “familiar” to “fully-functioning.” As “fully-functioning” words in your vocabulary, you will be comfortable using them when composing your responses to the Analytical Writing tasks on the GRE®.   If, after activating as many familiar words as possible across all three (3) lists, you still have preparation time left, you may then turn your attention to the remaining words and use the word lists to help you become fully conversant in them. 
How Can our Word Lists Help You Beyond the GRE®?
The goal of entrance exams, like the GRE®, is to anticipate the test-taker’s likelihood of success in the field into which they seek entry. Thus, the “long view” of mastering sophisticated vocabulary is that doing so will not only help you prepare for the GRE®, but will simultaneously prepare you for what lies ahead: comprehending, analyzing, and evaluating graduate-level materials and writing with the complexity and sophistication expected of a graduate-level student. To put it simply:  a fully-functioning, high-level vocabulary is the key to success in your graduate experience.
Prepare for success NOW!
Table of Contents
Chapter #1 (abbreviate – behemoth)
Chapter #2 (bereavement – convene)
Chapter #3 (convention – dwindle)
Chapter #4 (earthy – galvanize)
Chapter #5 (gambit – innovation)
Chapter #6 (inopportune – monotheism)
Chapter #7 (mores – predicament)
Chapter #8 (premise – rig)
Chapter #9 (roster – temporize)
Chapter #10 (tendentious – zephyr)
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Sample from the book
ALLUDE  (v)   [uh-LOOD]
Meaning: to hint at
Usage 1: The song "White Rabbit" manages to allude to drugs, while sounding like it is a reference to the children's tale.
Usage 2: Many vitamin supplements are prohibited by law from claiming outright any specific health benefits, but they will allude to them without hesitation.
Usage 3: Without stating it directly, the prosecuting attorney was able to allude to the defendant's prior criminal record.
COVERT  (adj)   [KOH-vert]
Meaning: secret or hidden
Usage 1: The mission to hunt down the terrorist leader was one of the most successful covert missions in recent military history.
Usage 2: After a successful career as a covert operative, the agent was finally allowed to retire.
Usage 3: The specially-commissioned task force organized a covert operation to capture the drug kingpin.
Usage 4: When he was caught leaking insider secrets, the executive was convicted of covert corporate espionage.
FALLOW  (adj)   [FAL-oh]
Meaning: uncultivated, inactive, or not in use
Usage 1: It is an egregious sin for a farmer to let his fields go fallow.
Usage 2: The fallow bank accounts were soon overdrawn and closed due to a lack of deposits.
Usage 3: A fallow mind is the result when an individual stops reading, discovering, and learning.
KINETIC  (adj)   [ki-NET-ik]
Meaning: pertaining to or caused by motion or movement
Usage 1: Sometimes it seems as if young children are little more than indefatigable balls of kinetic energy.
Usage 2: The cushioned insole absorbed the stresses and kinetic forces generated by walking.
Usage 3: The driving rhythm of the music kept perfect time with the kinetic dance that was being performed.
TEMPORIZE  (v)   [TEM-puh-rahyz]
Meaning: to avoid deciding or committing oneself in order to stall for time
Usage 1: Rather than answering the question directly, the politician began to ramble on about tangents in an attempt to temporize.
Usage 2: To avoid being called upon, the unprepared student would normally temporize by asking for a bathroom pass.
Usage 3: Helen's tendency to temporize made her unpopular with the fund-raising committee.
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