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SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts is your guide to a perfect SAT essay score. The proven way to get that perfect score on the SAT essay is through lots and lots of practice; this book offers exactly that! It has sixteen sample prompts in line with the SAT guidelines, followed by passages from high-quality published source, pre-writing guidance, plenty of strategies and a sample essay response. Besides the sample prompts, the book provides information about the revised SAT test and its scoring process. It also includes detailed guidance on the new SAT essay section: why the essay should be taken, format of the essay tasks, how to develop a top-scoring essay, scoring mechanism and effective strategies for mastering the SAT essay.
All this makes SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts a comprehensive essay writing guide and a must-have resource for those aspiring to crack the SAT essay.
Table of contents
1. SAT Overview
    What is the SAT
    Preparing for the SAT
    Words to Know
    Who takes the SAT
    Who administers the SAT
     What is tested
2. The SAT Essay: Introduction
    Essay Overview
    Why the Essay Matters
    Essay Prompt
    Getting Started on the Essay
    Strategies for writing an effective essay
     Literary devices to use for writing a good essay
    Practice and Plan
3. Solved Essays
    Essay 1
    Essay 2
    Essay 3
    Essay 4
    Essay 5
    Essay 6
    Essay 7
    Essay 8
    Essay 9
    Essay 10
    Essay 11
    Essay 12
    Essay 13
    Essay 14
    Essay 15
    Essay 16
a) Complete information about the new SAT essay section
b) Sixteen sample prompts with pre-writing guidance and sample essay responses
c) Passages adaptedfrom high-quality published material
d) Strategies and Tips for high scores
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What is the SAT
The SAT (Standardized Aptitude Test) is one of the two primary tests which colleges use to gauge whether or not you might be ready for college. It is a test that reflects the things you should have learned in high school and relies on strategic questioning to actively represent those skills and knowledge that are essential as you enter the world of college. But what is it really? The SAT is a measure of how well you can take what you learned and apply it to a timed testing environment. It shows how well you take tests and how well you do in a stressful situation. It does not however, measure your intelligence. In fact, once you learn the tips and tricks of the test, one might argue it measures your testing ability more than what you know.
If that’s what it is, why do colleges use it for a standard for admission? Colleges use this as a predictive analytic tool to try to figure out if you have the basic abilities required of a college freshman. They want to make sure you can comprehend reading at a level that is expected in your classes. Same with math: do you have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts, so you can succeed not just in math class but in other required classes such as economics. Many colleges also want to see if you can write in a way that is conducive to the college classroom. Again, they are not testing whether or not you CAN write but whether or not you can follow instructions and apply what you read to create an essay that would be appropriate for the college classroom. Finally, they are assessing your ability to take lengthy, timed tests. This testing situation mirrors what you might encounter in your college classes. They want to make sure, when they check that box for YES, they will be admitting someone with the tools to succeed. Colleges and universities must report their success rates with students and if all their students drop out, because they are not prepared to succeed, then the college itself cannot succeed. That is one reason why the admission process is so rigorous.
Who takes the SAT
The typical test taker is a student planning to enter a undergraduate program in the United States or Canada. The SAT may be a requirement for admission, but it is important to check with your colleges of choice to see if they prefer the SAT or ACT. It is also essential to see if they require the essay. Typically, this test is taken in the 11th and 12th grade.
Pre-Essay Writing
Read the essay prompt before you read the provided text. Make sure you have a firm grasp on what the prompt is asking you to analyze in your essay. In this case, the prompt specifically says, “explain how Flocken builds an argument to persuade his audience that the U.S. government should make lion hunting illegal”. A keyword here is “how”. How does Flocken persuade his audience? Recall the bullet points already given to you, asking you to notice evidence such as facts, statistics, or reliable experience, reasoning that connects ideas through logic and explanation, and stylistic or persuasive elements such as word choice, emotional appeal, building credibility, etc. Flocken’s techniques will show up in his body paragraphs. As you read, take note of Flocken’s use of these things and begin to mentally map out your essay.
Practice and Plan
The last strategy is to practice. You need to know how much time you will need to read and which strategies work best for you. There are many examples of passages available from the College Board. Also, ample practice in terms of sample passages and prompts, is provided in Chapter 3. Get used to these passages' formats, voices and tones and the way they use language. Although each passage is different, they are all written at the same reading level and most are a similar length. Getting used to the genre, tone and length is a huge task in your practice. Remember, you are not reading to gain information or enjoy the reading passage. You are reading to get the evidence you need to construct your essay. This type of reading requires practice and a strategic approach. The more you practice, the easier it will seem as you sit down to embark on the essay “for real.”

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