Landing a perfect score on the Analytical Writing section of the new GRE isn’t easy – partially because of its subjective nature and partially because penning a great essay requires a tad more than writing skills. Time constraints and tricky topics further add to the challenge. The only way to ace the Analytical Writing section is to have a bunch of smart strategies up your sleeve, which is where Vibrant Publishers’ Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test proves to be immensely helpful. With details about the scoring pattern, expert strategies, solved essays, and more, the book lends a deeper insight into the analytical writing section of the new GRE and offers exclusive tools and techniques to approach Analytical Writing tasks with confidence.

Here is how Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test will take your preparation to another level.

Get in sync with the new GRE pattern

Although much hasn’t changed with respect to the format of the Analytical Writing section, candidates are now expected to provide more focused responses to the essay questions. Vibrant Publisher’s book helps you develop the crucial skill of organizing your thoughts and presenting concise and effective responses to essay questions.

Develop customized strategies

When it comes to essay-writing strategies, one size seldom fits all. The first chapter introduces you to some useful strategies to handle the Analytical Writing section of the GRE and guides you in charting out a game plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Analyze an Issue – Step by Step

The guidelines provided with every solved Issue task helps you brainstorm each topic and develop an independent viewpoint. Furthermore, the book aids you in organizing your thoughts into a strong and impressive essay backed by supporting evidence. Since every Issue task is accompanied by a comprehensive explanation, you can critically analyze and question the issue from every dimension.

The solved examples help you develop a better understanding of various essay topics and train you to handle the trickiest of issues on the Analyze an Issue section. Even the topic statement is rephrased so that you understand the same question from a whole new perspective.

Analyze an Argument – Step by Step

For Argument tasks, the book illustrates exclusive tips and techniques to find flaws in the argument’s reasoning. With this guide, you will learn how to detect assumptions and refute them with supporting examples.

Solved Essays to Practice and Learn

The book contains solved essays for every Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument task. These sample essays and their corresponding guidelines help you organize your thoughts and frame a compelling response without wasting time on the final test day. Since these sample essays represent the highest possible score, you can bring yourself closer to the high essay-writing standards set by the GRE by comparing your responses to the solutions given in the book.

Sharpen your essay-writing skills with Analytical Writing Insights on the revised GRE General Test and work your way to a great AWA score!

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