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Vibrant Publishers, USA is a leading publishing house with focus on high quality books for IT professionals, management professionals and graduate students. Vibrant Publishers has redefined the way in which rich content can be made available to today’s fast paced generation. This new generation’s need to know now attitude and the highly competitive business environment has triggered these series of books that have ‘just the essential’ information. Vibrant Publishers is committed to publishing books that are content-rich, concise and approachable enabling more people to read and benefit from them.

The Job Interview Questions Series caters to IT professionals specifically college freshman, junior/senior programmers, business analysts, and project managers.

The Self-Learning Management Series is intended to give a jump start to working professionals, where their job roles demand to have the knowledge imparted in a B-school but haven’t got the chance to visit one.

The Test Prep Series make test preparation streamlined for GRE, GMAT, & SAT exam aspirants.

About Job Interview Questions Series

As technology now-a-days changes very often, IT Professionals need to be updated with the latest trends in these technologies constantly and more importantly instantly. Job Interview Questions Series is the answer to this need.

This series of books is written by expert authors and programmers who have been conducting interviews since a decade or more and have gathered vast experiences in the world of information technology. Unlike comprehensive, textbook-sized reference guides, these books include only the required information for a job interview. Hence, these books are short, concise and ready-to-use by the working professionals.

Job Interview Questions Series books include 200 to 700 technical interview questions with answers, proven strategies and real-life scenarios. A bonus of 70 to 150 Human Resource interview questions along with impressive answers to help nail the interviews is included in every book.

About Self-Learning Management Series

The Self-Learning Management Series intends to give a jump start to working professionals, whose job roles demand to have the knowledge imparted in a B-school but who haven’t got a chance to visit one. This series is designed to illuminate aspects of management, finance, organization development, consumer behavior, human resources, marketing and business.

Each book includes basic fundamentals, important concepts, standard principles and practical ways of application of the subject matter. The series will be instrumental in assisting all those who are in the following job roles:

  • Dealing with Human Resources
  • Taking financial decisions
  • Responsible for Sales and Marketing
  • Carrying out the Operational activities in a company
  • Directing Business strategies
  • Engaged in managerial decision making

About Test Prep Series

The focus of the Test Prep Seriesis to make test preparation streamlined and fruitful for standardized tests. Students preparing for standardized tests i.e. GRE, GMAT, SAT, now have access to the most comprehensive series of prep guides.

Books in this series are thoroughly researched, frequently updated and packed with relevant content. These have been prepared by authors with more than a decade of experience. The simple and well-organized format of the books makes studying both effective and efficient.


Most of our books in all the series are available in e-book format and accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.