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Strategic Insights on Sales Management, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, and Supply Chain Operations Essentials- 15-Day Management Crash Course

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Are you searching for a way to effortlessly acquire strategic sales management, business strategy, marketing management, digital marketing, and supply chain management skills? 

Look no further. This set is what you need to be able to incorporate dynamic sales functions into your business. As an entrepreneur, businessman, or manager overseeing the sales and marketing departments, you need a robust framework in place that will enable you to provide strategic guidance to your team. With this set, you will receive guidance on how to manage your sales team, create and implement a winning business strategy, and oversee your marketing team in their endeavors.

With this set, you will be able to:

  • Effectively manage your sales & marketing teams
  • Implement various traditional and digital marketing strategies
  • Understand the supply chain network behind your business
  • Formulate a business strategy that incorporates all these elements

These books are part of the Self-Learning Management Series that is designed to help students, professionals, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons.

This COMBO includes FIVE books: 
Sales Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 9781636510743)
Marketing Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 9781949395792)
Digital Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 9781949395747)
Operations and Supply Chain Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 9781949395242)
Business Strategy Essentials (ISBN-13: 9781949395778)