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Vibrant Publishers

SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts

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• Overview of the SAT test and its scoring pattern
• Comprehensive guide for the SAT Essay section
• Effective strategies for mastering the SAT essay
• Pre-writing guidelines and sample essay for sixteen sample prompts





SAT Essay Writing Guide wit... by Vibrant Publishers


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Huda Shadab Shamsi
SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Fifth Edition)

A perfect book for a vivid learning to the SAT essay writing . According to me the book has many good things which will be helpful to a student giving the aptitude test which will surely help them in scoring good marks. Sample papers are much helpful for a student and infact their are many sample, a student can do a lot of practice through this. Next comes, the essay writing description various essays are given and the idea how to write it. The book provides information about the revised SAT test and its scoring process. Also effective strategies for mastering the SAT essay, a perfect bootlet for preparing SAT essay paper and score good grades.

Amazon Customer
SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Fifth Edition)

SAT Essay Writing really helped me study for SAT. Provides complete info regarding the essay section with ample amount of sample prompts. Also provides strategies for writing effective essays. Overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for a complete guide for SAT Essay Section.

Emerson Rose Craig
SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Fifth Edition)

SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Test Prep Series Book 17) is an in-depth and informative study tool. The book covers a lot of information and provides all the material you need to get ready to take the test. I appreciated that the book begins with an introduction that fully explains the test, the scoring system, tips you should know before taking it, and guides to how to use this book in the most effective way. Because the SAT is a test that has shifted a lot in its scoring and essay sections, having an up to date source of information about the test can be as helpful as the study guide itself. This SAT prep book stood out to me because of its focus on the writing section of the test. Typically, I have found that prep books focus more on multiple choice questions, but the writing section is just as important. Having tips for how to study for it is incredibly useful and will allow you to feel more prepared for that section. The book looks at practical advice on how to prepare, which includes sentence structure, style, thinking about your language and vocabulary, literary devices used in strong essays, and lots of examples. The examples provide prompts and show each of the methods that the book talks about. I liked that they provide both good and bad examples so that you can get a clear vision of what to strive for. I think that this book is an incredibly useful tool and helpful for students, teachers, and tutors to make sure that students are as prepared and confident as they can be when going into the essay section of the SAT. Clear, well-written, and fully of useful tips and examples, I would highly recommend this book.

SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Fifth Edition)

Very helpful book

SAT Essay Writing Guide with Sample Prompts (Fifth Edition)

The SAT essay writing guide with sample papers by Vibrant Publishers is a complete and elaborate booklet to get the perfect SAT score.
It has numerous practice essays and high-quality passages from various sources and has sample essays with a detailed analysis of each and every point covered.
The book also gives a full introduction to the way SAT essays are done and an overview about the whole concept of SAT is also given. The practice questions are also very diligently designed keeping in mind the set format. The book also provided students with strategies and tips for mastering the SAT essay.
Overall this book is a one full proof guide to practice and master the art of writing a perfect essay with good literary devices, grammar, thesis and reasoning.
Recommended to all the students who want to appear for SATs!