Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven’s Time Management Essentials is a practical approach to juggling daily responsibilities

Published by Vibrant, her book gives a step-by-step approach to learning how to manage time and obligations


BROOMFIELD, CO, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2023: Time Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know by Dr. Bliven is a simple and traditional approach to learning time management by oneself. This book, with its conversational writing and empathetic tone, teaches how to practically meet all obligations of home, school/work or business together. A striking feature of this book is that Dr. Bliven has included anecdotes from her personal life to demonstrate how she learned time management with trial and error.

With growing competition and the urge to always do more, we prioritize our work or business and often side-track our familial obligations. But Dr. Bliven, in her book Time Management Essentials, shows how all obligations of school, home, and work or business can be met by mastering to manage time.

Talking about why time management is crucial to living a happy life, she says, “Living a life with little or no regrets is the ultimate goal of most people’s lives. Making use of time in the manner desired is how a person can be satisfied at the end of life, knowing that the time spent was what they wanted to spend it on and accomplish the things they wanted to achieve.” As a seasoned business owner for 30 years and a master at managing time, her goals are to share lessons and best practices for starting, sustaining, and succeeding in business ventures, and leveling up in career fields.


Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven’s Time Management Essentials is a practical approach to juggling daily responsibilities
Time Management Essentials is a practical guidebook for learning to manage time.

Upon reviewing the book, Scott Dell, Assistant Professor at Francis Marion University remarks that “As a consummate educator, Dr. Bliven includes tools and resources that will add to your successful integration of her ideas into your busy lives. Additional resources, effective in reinforcing the concepts and ideas while helping you to act include learning objectives, templates, charts, and suggested printouts to post/use, along with learning objectives, chapter summaries, concrete examples, author’s anecdotes, acronyms, and quizzes.”

This book is now available for time jugglers to purchase and read in ebook and physical book format from www.vibrantpublishers.com , Amazon and most wholesalers worldwide. It is a part of Vibrant Publishers’ Self-Learning Management series that includes ‘essentials’ and compact books. These compact books are a package of only the most important information about a subject in an easy-to-understand language.


About the Author
Dr. AnnaMaria has worked as a business professional for over 30 years gaining experience in business development and management, business improvement, project management, time management, career development and advancement, business strategy, vet-entrepreneurship, team development, teaching and training, and implementation of community projects. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

About the Self-Learning Management series
The Self-Learning Management Series is designed to address every aspect of business and help students, new managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons. Each book contains fundamentals, important concepts, and standard and well-known principles as well as practical ways of application of the subject matter, in a compact format that is very easy to interpret.

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Title: Time Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
Publisher: Vibrant Publishers
ISBN: Paperback - 9781636511665
Hardback - 9781636511689
E-Book - 9781636511672