Steps to Publish Your Academic Book With Vibrant Publishers

by Vibrant Publishers

If you are a subject matter expert in a management subject and want to publish your own book, we are the one-stop shop for materializing that dream. We, at Vibrant Publishers, are proponents of spreading quality education and knowledge in concise and compact bundles (books).  


With more than a decade of experience in the field of publishing ‘essential’ management books, we are always trying to grow our community of authors. We are also constantly improving our publishing process to make it seamless and hassle-free. To publish a book with us, here are the steps involved:





Step #1 - Pitch your ‘essentials’ book or select from our exhaustive list of new title ideas

Our management books are known for their straight-to-the-point explanation of concepts. They are called ‘essentials’ books because they are made up of only the important information that the reader needs to know. Therefore, if you think you can write such a book, pitch a book title by filling out the Authorship form. You need to create a detailed outline of the book (Table of contents) and give a brief summary of what the book will be about. You will also be required to give other details like the book’s target audience and target market, the uniqueness of the book, a list of courses where the book can be used, etc. Our Editorial team will review your book proposal; if they find it interesting and a good fit for our series, a Relationship Executive will get in touch with you for the further process.



Step #2 - Flaunt your writing skills

You will be asked to submit a sample of your writing (either past writing or a fresh piece) on the concerned subject. This piece of writing will be evaluated by our Editorial team for its writing style and depth and if they approve, we will move ahead with the proposed title.



Step #3 - Sign a contract

The Relationship Executive will have a one-on-one e-meeting with you to explain the publishing process in detail. The Relationship Executive will chart out an achievable and practical timeline for you with your approval. After finalizing the timeline of the book and compensation, we seal the deal by signing a contract!





Step #4 - Submit your manuscript

You start working on the manuscript and submit it in parts. We also have a comprehensive set of guidelines for writing the book that will assist you at all the steps of the process. Our enthusiastic team of professionals will clear all your doubts and give you ready support whenever needed.



Step #5 - Fine-tune your book with the editor

Even great books need revisions. And that is why our Editorial team comprises experts who will work simultaneously with you to edit and make your book the best version of itself. The editor may give their inputs which may bring a different perspective to the table and their suggestions will help you make your book more tuned with the target audience.


After you both are satisfied with the book, the next stage is proofreading. The Editorial team will thoroughly go through the book, tie loose ends, and make it ready for designing.



Step #6 - Get involved in the designing process

Our team of creative designers will design the final version of the book and also work on creating a unique book cover for it. The book is designed in a way to make it engaging and attractive to readers. You will not have to worry about the graphs, figures, and tables that might be included in the book as the design team will take care of them. Once the book is designed, you will be given the opportunity to review it and provide your inputs and feedback.




Step #7 - Get peer reviews from experts

We have a huge network of professors and reviewers who peer review your book and give their valuable feedback on it. These reviews help us evaluate the suitability of the book in the market. The reviewers may suggest additions/deletions or clarity on topics and give their overall opinion on the relevance of the book in today’s time.



Step #8 - Collaborate with us for marketing to a wider audience

We market our books on social media platforms like Linkedin and Instagram. Our marketing efforts also involve reaching out to universities, libraries, bookstores, etc globally. You can collaborate with us and contribute to our marketing efforts by spreading the word about the book in your network. It may involve shooting promotional videos, writing blogs, giving author interviews, etc.


Our books have received amazing reviews from Reader’s Favorite, Library Journal, Harvard University, Berkeley College, and Columbia University to name a few. The books are also offered in 80+ libraries including Queens Public Library, the University of Oxford, the National Library of Wales, etc.



Step #9 - Publish your book

From the time that you submit the manuscript, it takes about 6 months for your book to be published. The book will be published through our website and will also be available on major platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Most books will be available in three formats - paperback, hardback, and e-book. We also distribute our books through major book platforms like Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Smashwords, Overdrive, etc You may also request complimentary author copies of your book.


Your journey as an author with us does not just end here. We value your knowledge, skills, and your connection with us. Therefore, we always stay in touch through emails/messages and alert you about new authoring, editing, blogging, or related opportunities with us.


After the book release, we may submit your book for relevant awards like IPPY Awards, IBPA Awards, Eric Hoffer Awards, or any other award recommended by you.




Vibrant Publisher’s developmental support and comprehensive editing and review process will make your journey of becoming a published author a smooth ride. You will not need to fret about anything as we constantly try to remove all the hurdles in your path and give you a happy experience of publishing. Publishing your book will be a two-way process where we benefit from your expertise on a subject and you benefit from our years of experience in publishing high-quality books. To become an author with us, fill out this form.



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