Why Should Professionals Write a Book?

by Vibrant Publishers

The book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson is a biography of the renowned co-founder of the world’s leading company Apple. The book gives an account of Steve Jobs’ successes as well as failures which makes it a liberating read for professionals and businesspersons. While this book was not written by Steve Jobs himself, it is an inspiration for professionals even today as it is packed with practical life lessons that even a billionaire faces.

What this means is that if you have hands-on experience in your field and if you say something about it, people will listen. This is one of the main reasons why books by industry experts are so well-received. If you are an industry professional, have considerable experience and expertise in your field, and want to share it with the world, writing a book is a good option. In this blog, we have listed down some reasons why educational books by industry professionals are well-received by learners. Please note that in the entire blog, we will be talking about educational books on Management, HR, Marketing, Finance, etc., and not biographies.


Personal stories and experiences

Reading about a subject/field and actually working in the field are two different things. Many management books in the market lay down solutions to management problems that only sound good on paper. As a professional working among daily challenges in the field, you know what works and what does not work. This is the reason why books by professionals and not theorists are widely read. Weaving personal stories or experiences into your book is the best way to connect with your readers. These experiences become the essence of your book. If you are a marketer who has handled various marketing campaigns, you know what is most likely to work and what isn’t and you can include this acumen into your book to inform the reader.


Personal credibility

Another advantage of writing a book as a professional is that readers know what you are saying is credible. An on-field work experience is looked at as an added perk to the credentials of the author. Besides that, the accolade of a “published author” gives you an upper hand in your career. It establishes you as an authority in your field of work and even opens up new opportunities. You gain a credible position to speak at guest lectures or conduct seminars and a published book makes it relatively easy to publish another book.


Abreast with the latest industry trends

Industry trends are highly volatile and keep changing. As a professional you are abreast with the latest industry trends and know what is outdated. You are aware that sometimes, the strategies prescribed by best-selling books don’t pan out as desired. New and emerging trends are the way to go and your book will reflect exactly this. Learners will look up to your book to keep themselves abreast with new industry trends and get insights into how things work currently.


Source of passive income

Books can be a great source of income if marketed correctly. However, finding the right publisher to reach your desired target audience is crucial; otherwise, your book will get lost among millions of other books and catch dust on the shelf. You might choose to self-publish your book or approach a publishing house. Self-publishing has its own pros and cons with you, the author, doing almost everything by yourself. With the help of a publishing house, your book can be available on global online platforms like Amazon, Baker and Taylor, Ingram, etc where it reaches a global audience, allowing people from various corners of the world to purchase and enjoy your work while you enjoy the royalty. This income stream remains steady even when you're not actively promoting or managing the book.

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