5 Factors that Influence your Tolerance to GRE Stress

by Vibrant Publishers
There are a few aspects that can greatly decrease your stress tolerance level:


1) Your sense of control:



If you feel as though you have no control of the situation, you are more likely to exhibit stress symptoms. While you are preparing for the GRE, keep in mind that you are the sole individual responsible for your success. It is up to you to prepare yourself and you have full control on the outcome of the situation; understanding this concept will help ease your stress as you will realize that you are not helpless. You have the ability to take charge.



2) Your attitude:

A negative outlook will automatically translate itself into a negative stress. Stay positive throughout your preparation and try to focus on the good things in general. For example, instead of fearing failure, think about the great things that will come with your success; you’ll be able to get in the graduate school of your choice, you might be offered a scholarship – think about how proud success will make you. Work towards a positive goal and stay away from any negative thinking, whether related to the GRE or not. This is a life lesson in general and can be applied to all aspects of your life.



3) Your support network:



If you feel lonely and do not have any friends or family to help you out and share the journey with you, you are more likely to isolate yourself and keep your stress to yourself. However, if you share your thoughts, communicate with loved ones and make sure to have a strong support system to help you go through certain situations, you’ll be more confident and your stress will be reduced. For example, many surgeons refused to perform surgery on a patient who doesn’t have a good support system during the recovery phase – the people who surround you, the help you can get and the resources that are available to you all contribute to your success and can help you cope with stress and emotions better.



4) Your preparation:



Without adequate preparation and studying, you’ll most likely feel stressed out until the moment you get your score. If you work hard, study efficiently and cover all the material needed to pass the GRE,  you  have no reason to be stressed out or fear a negative outcome. No stress management technique can help you as much as being thoroughly prepared and feeling confident in your abilities can help you.



5) Your ability to cope:

Not knowing how to handle your emotions and your stress will only make you more anxious. Thankfully, the next chapter will give you great tips on how to manage your stress! This is a great complement to having control over a situation. Knowing how to cope with a particular situation, gaining control over your emotions and being able to refocus your energy positively as demonstrated in the following chapter will help you say “no” to stress.



The good news is that you can act on these five factors in order to ensure your success.
This blog is an excerpt from our Book:
Conquer the GRE: Stress Management & A Perfect Study Plan