A Pandemic May Stop Your Daily Activities, Don’t Let It Stop Your Learning.

by Vibrant Publishers

Sitting at home with nothing to do? We all are aware that the COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. With the fear and the number of people affected rising every minute, many countries and daily lives have come to a standstill. Health Ministries and Governments with a view of keeping their citizens safe have taken decisions to temporarily shut down schools, colleges, cinema halls and even offices.

Staying indoors during the times of this outbreak is advisable and safe. But who likes staying at home all day, isn’t that boring? So how about using this time to learn something new, instead of spending your precious time binging on your favorite TV show again for the nth number of time. Equip yourself with knowledge that will not only upgrade your skills but also add extra brownie points to your CV.

Let us help you! Have a look at some of the options below to find out how you can make your time productive.


Learn a new technology:

Newer technologies are speeding their way into the world today. Artificial Intelligence, Python, Blockchain, BIG Data, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing and the list won’t stop. They may sound technical but learning them isn’t that difficult. There are several online courses and certifications both free and paid that can help you learn these from the scratch.


Prepare for your next job interview:

Nervousness and a bit of fear are inevitable during an interview. But if you are confident and well versed with the possible questions you’ll be asked, you certainly have a competitive edge. You can refer to some of the finest books from Job Interview Questions series. Vibrant Publishers offers over 75 job interview books in this series dedicated exclusively to IT sector.


Take up work from home internship:

An internship gives you a hands-on experience of your technical knowledge, along with the opportunity to get to know the real industry closely. So why miss the benefit of working from the comfort of your home during this time of quarantine. And a few extra pennies of pocket money is always good, isn’t it?


Work on your Vocabulary:

Fluent English is always impressive, so why not use this time to polish your vocabulary. Also, good vocabulary is a must for most entrance tests as these tests have a vocabulary section. So, if appearing for an entrance is what you are planning, then this could be on your to-do list. Or perhaps you could learn a new language!


Learn basic management skills:

Learning management skills is never wasted, these skills can come handy in both professional and personal life. This is the best time to acquire skills that are otherwise outside of your purview of studies – basic management skills like accounting, finance, marketing, operations, project management and supply chain management. Best way to get a grip on these is to get your hands on the Self-Learning Management Series of books by Vibrant Publishers. The books are compact, concise and easy to understand – replete with real life examples one can relate to immediately.

Remember to stay safe and take every precaution to keep yourself and your loved ones away from this threat.