Why Principles of Management Essentials Is a Must for Managers

by Vibrant Publishers

You might have heard some people say that their manager is a gem of a person. At the same time, you must have heard some people say that their managers are tyrants. So what is it that differentiates a good manager from a tyrant one? And how can you become a good manager and a good leader?


Being a manager is more than just assigning and delegating tasks. The challenging role requires a manager to manage people, tasks, deadlines, and the organization's goals, at large. Consequently, managers require a set of more than one skills to make them good managers.


Honing these skills can be difficult; especially, when one is promoted to a managerial role for the first time. Understanding all these different aspects and skills all at once can be a little too overwhelming. To ease this burden of understanding different skills and help managers focus on their core tasks, we have launched a brand new and upgraded edition of one of our most successful books, Principles of Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know.



Principles of Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know For Managers:


Confused about how a book can help? Here’s how:




Communication plays a huge part in a manager’s duties, not only in terms of his job roles but also in regard to maintaining healthy relations within the organization. This book will give managers an in-depth understanding of communication skills that can help managers build and maintain healthy, formal, and interpersonal relations with their subordinates. This can help managers get the work done by their teams with ease. It can also help managers build an environment of confidence and trust among their subordinates.


The skills and techniques mentioned in the book will also help managers communicate and connect better with the cross-functional teams in the organization. Any organization is successful only when the different teams within the organization work in harmony. By communicating well with cross-functional teams, managers can facilitate this harmony.



Dealing with groups:

The organization is made up of several groups, formal as well as informal. Though these groups are small clusters, they can make or mar the organization. Thus, it is important to manage and deal with these groups in time. Every group is different and needs to be dealt with differently based on the needs and issues of the respective group.


This book helps managers understand the different types of groups that exist within an organization. This understanding can help managers develop relevant techniques to deal with those groups and thus facilitate the organization’s goals and development.



Time Management:

Whether one is at an executive level or a managerial level, one issue that the corporate world faces the most is time management. As a manager, the importance of time management increases even more, since one is expected not only to practice it themselves but also lead their team with the same.


Principles of Management Essentials teaches you the important and key techniques of time management, that will help you to manage your time better. Managers can learn this crucial skill from this book and thus, lead their team with better management with their own example.



Organizational culture

The organizational culture is a complex system. It includes diverse groups with different ethnicities, morals, demography, and even different age and sex. These different areas of the organizational culture can sometimes become so complex that understanding and dealing with them becomes a headache.


The organizational structure, its complexities, and ways to deal with it have been explained in the book. The book will give you theoretical knowledge with real-life examples that can help managers understand the organizational culture, learn how to deal with it, and also use these different and unique groups to the greater advantage of the organization.



Enhancing Culture

Although the different aspects of the organization may not be in control, managers play a very vital role in building, maintaining,  and enhancing the existing organizational culture. Addressing the problems of the people in the organization, getting rid of unhealthy practices, stimulating healthy relationships within the organization, and encouraging a work-life balance with the subordinates, are just some ways how managers can help enhance the organizational culture.


Our book will guide you step by step in this regard. From understanding the different facets of the organization to addressing them in the most professional and ethical way, Principles of Management Essentials has got you covered.




These are just some ways in which Principles of Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know can prove to be a great resource for managers, both existing and aspiring. The book introduces you to a whole new world of managerial skills that will not only help you uplift your organization as a manager but also help you level up your own interpersonal skills for your personal growth.