Adopt a Book

Lecturers are welcome to request inspection copies of Vibrant’s titles, provided that these are being actively considered as Required, Recommended, or Reference texts. You can request inspection copies as print books or eBooks. We will be able to send the inspection copies only to the official institution address. Please note that inspection copy requests are closely monitored and no more than 3 titles will be sent to an individual in any calendar year.

To request an inspection/examination copy of a title, complete and submit the Book Review Request Form.


Request for Instructor Resources

After adopting a Vibrant book, request the available supporting materials for instructors by submitting the Instructor Resources form. Once the request is verified, a relationship executive will send a confirmation email and a link with download access to the supporting materials.


Download Online Resources

After adopting a Vibrant book, you may access the online resources available from the website. Note: Access to the online resources requires a quick sign up before being able to download them.


If you'd be interested in writing a book in the area of your expertise please fill this Authorship form. Click here to learn more about publishing with us.