The new book, Organizational Behavior Essentials, focuses on human resources and talent development within the modern organization. 

BROOMFIELD, CO, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2021 – Vibrant Publishers is excited to announce the launch of their new book, Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (Organizational Behavior Essentials). The book that releases today will provide students and professionals with an understanding of the mental and physical attributes required to manage teams, operate in a work environment, and deal with the different aspects of team dynamics.

The world of work in this century is very different from what it was 15 years ago. Today’s work environment is technological, innovative, and multicultural. Businesses encompass diverse global teams to fulfill their goals. In any organization or its respective divisions, the diversity in terms of demographic characteristics, interests, and cultures is more prominent today than in past decades.

Dr. Denean Robinson, an Instructor of Workforce Continuing Education aptly states, “This book will be an industry standard on how you provide a blueprint in creating a more sustainable and equitable work environment. The four major areas that are important for readers to understand are: A) Cultural and Communication; B) Diversity and Inclusion; C) High Performance Work Teams, and D) Talent Development. Organizational Behavior Essentials will provide a strategic developmental framework in re-invigorating your employees to high level success.”

Tim Neale, Customer Opportunity Librarian at Aurora Public Library, explains why this book should be added to the business collection of libraries. He says, “Organizational Behavior Essentials is a well-organized and insightful course or text designed to teach you how effective and forward-thinking organizations should be managed in today’s modern and changing environment. Each chapter is structured to present a lesson relating to the chapter topic, followed by a summary of the lesson to reinforce the lesson and finally a brief quiz to ensure the reader has absorbed the lesson that has been presented. Human resources and talent development within the modern organization is the primary focus of this text with a concentration on the development of high-performance employees and teams. Organizational Behavior Essentials highlights the need to be inclusive, embrace diversity and cultural differences at all levels in the organization as well as focuses on the costs and risks incurred when organizations ignore diversity. Even the less human resource-oriented chapters on communications, power & politics, or decision making & conflict still concentrate on the human impact that the subject has on the organization. Organizational Behavior Essentials will make a valuable addition to a business library or a public library with a business collection.”

Benito Garza, Ph.D, Instructor at South Texas College agrees with Tim on the simple format of the book that will aid the reader to “master the subject using the self-study method.”

With multiple positive reviews like these, Vibrant Publishers’ new book, ‘Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted To Know’ sets the standard for a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of organizational behavior. This book is an addition to the 14 books of the Self-Learning Management series.

The book has been released worldwide on September 10, 2021, and is available from, Ingram, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other online and traditional channels.                                       

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Title: Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

Publisher: Vibrant Publishers

Paperback ISBN: 9781636510378 | eBook ISBN: 9781636510385 | Hardcover ISBN: 9781636510392