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ACT PRACTICE - Math Practice Tests + Winning Strategies

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ACT PRACTICE COMBO includes the following TWO books:

BOOK 1: Math Practice Tests for ACT (ISBN-13: 9781949395860)

This book includes:
  • Familiarity with test format means time saved that can be applied to the test questions
  • Knowledge of test question styles minimizes confusion, saves time, and improves accuracy
  • Practice test results show areas where the student needs additional review
  • Students who practice the ACT are better prepared and have less stress during the test
  • Maximize your score through preparation

BOOK 2: Winning Strategies for ACT Essay Writing (ISBN-13: 978-1636510262)

This book includes:
  • Analyse each prompt
  • Plan the essay carefully
  • Make a compelling argument
  • Use the allotted time effectively
  • Evaluate sample essays
  • Increase your confidence