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How Vibrant’s Digital SAT Books Can Help Tutors

The digital SAT has caused a stir among students preparing for it and also among tutors/teachers helping them prepare for it. The new SAT will now be a Multi-stage Adaptive Test with two modules per section. Though the Math section remains pretty much the same (except that calculators are now allowed for the entire section), the Verbal section has changed a lot. It will only have one section called the Reading and Writing section and instead of long passages with multiple corresponding questions, it will have short and discreet passages and questions. You can read an extensive explanation of the changed testing pattern and specifications here.

With the SAT going digital outside the US in 2023, there was a dearth of practice resources for students and tutors. So, Vibrant Publishers released the first-ever digital SAT practice resources: Practice Tests For The Digital SAT, Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions, Digital SAT Math Practice Questions, Mock Test #1, and Mock Test #2. These resources compile 1000+ practice questions, answer explanations, and distractor explanations for the Reading and Writing and Math sections.

If you’re a tutor, these resources will be assets in preparing your pupils for the new test. Read on to find out how you can make the most out of them.


4 ways in which Digital SAT tutors can use Vibrant's books

Instruct and Inform

Before beginning to gear up your students for the digital SAT, you may need to explain to them the new MST model, various question domains for the Reading and Writing and Math sections, go still deeper to explain each skill/knowledge (sub-categories in the domains), and the tests’ other features. For this, you can use the dedicated introductory chapters in each book to give your students a thorough understanding of the digital SAT. You can elaborate on each question type with a supporting sample question too. This extensive explanation will lay a strong foundation for further teaching.


Give Comprehensive Practice

With a huge bank of 1000+ practice questions at your disposal, you can give comprehensive practice to your students. These questions can be used in different ways to cater to different needs – as model and practice questions for teaching a particular topic, for curating specialized tests, for giving module-wise practice tests from Practice Tests For The Digital SAT, and even for using them as home assignments.


Use Questions for Structured Practice

The two practice questions books can be used to practice each question type asked in the Reading and Writing and Math sections of the new test. These resources will enable you to give a structured practice to your students. The explanations for the correct as well as incorrect choices can be used to elaborate on how to arrive at the right answer and eliminate the wrong ones.The difficulty-wise segregation is also a plus point if you want to first give practice of easy questions and then slowly move on to medium and difficult ones. 


Test with Full-length Mock Tests

After finishing the practice phase, instill confidence in your students with five full-length practice tests that are replicas of the real SAT. Providing practice tests will reveal a student’s weak areas and will give them a chance to work on and improve them. The full-length Mock Tests can be utilized when the test day is near. For these Mock Tests, you can time your students and encourage them to complete the tests within the specified time limit of the digital SAT. The tests will also reinforce the teachings and give an authentic testing experience. 

Happy Teaching!


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