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Vibrant Publishers

C & C++ Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked

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  • 250 C & C++ Interview Questions
  • 76 HR Interview Questions
  • Real-life scenario-based questions
  • Strategies to respond to interview questions
  • 2 Aptitude Tests




C & C++ Interview Quest... by Vibrant Publishers

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 189pages

Paperback (ISBN): 9781946383136

eBook (ISBN):9781946383198

Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Category: Computers / Programming Languages

Author: Vibrant Publishers


C & C++ Interview QuestionsYou'll Most Likely Be Askedis a perfect companion to stand ahead above the rest in today's competitive job market. Rather than going through comprehensive, textbook-sized reference guides, this book includes only the information required immediately for job search to build an IT career. This book puts the interviewee in the driver's seat and helps them steer their way to impress the interviewer.

The following is included in this book:

250 C & C++ Interview QuestionsInterview Questions, Answers and proven strategies for getting hired as an IT professional

Dozensof examples to respond to interview questions

76 HRQuestions with Answers and proven strategies to give specific, impressive, answers that help nail the interviews

2 Aptitude Testsdownload available on

About the Author

Vibrant Publishers is focused on presenting the best texts for learning about technology and business as well as books for test preparation. Categories include programming, operating systems and other texts focused on IT. In addition, a series of books helps professionals in their own disciplines learn the business skills needed in their professional growth.

Vibrant Publishers has a standardized test preparation series covering the GMAT, GRE and SAT, providing ample study and practice material in a simple and well organized format, helping students get closer to their dream universities.

About the Series

This book is part of the Job Interview Questions series that has more than 75 books dedicated to technical interview questions and answers for different interview subjects and HR-related topics.
This series of books has been written by experienced placement consultants and subject matter experts. Available in paperback and ebook form as well, these IT interview questions will help job aspirants ace their interviews and start their dream career.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Satya keerthi
Helpful for your interviews

This book will be very helpful for interviews. Questions are divided according to the topics, and on each topic we can see in how many ways a question can be asked and there are almost 300+ questions available in this book. And with the knowledge of these questions we can calculate how questions can be asked ?
And they have also provided some HR questions which will be helpful for us.
And finally I would like to say if you are preparing for an interview and if you have any doubts regarding the way how the questions will be asked you can go through this book and this will be very helpful for proper planning of preparing.

NP, Amazon Reviewer
C & C++ Interview Questions Youll Most Likely Be Asked

I bought set of 5 books as they were running some deals. Got Java j2ee, jsp servlet, core java, sql server and c & c++ interview questions from vibrant publishers at around $70. I must say every penny spent is worth it. few good things about these books is they have a large pool of questions, no repeats in technical questions, variety (basic, intermediate as well as high level questions) in questions.

Krunal Shah
C & C++ Interview Questions Youll Most Likely Be Asked

nice little book, good questions, worth the price!

C & C++ Interview Questions Youll Most Likely Be Asked

The book consists of 326 Interview questions regarding C & C++ with answers which help you understand the strategical approach you should take when hoping to be hired as an IT professional.

It also consists of insightful examples as to how an interviewee should respond specifically to tricky questions to leave a lasting impression which will help you to get one step closer to your dream job.

The content of this book is easy to understand and pretty insightful with variety in examples, covering different circumstancial questions.

The simple but to the point answers will also help your confidence.

I recommend it though my only complain is its a little overpriced

Himanshu Sinha
C & C++ Interview Questions Youll Most Likely Be Asked

This book is overall good in my points .As I have gone through some questions . The question provided are good but the answers are only for those who wants to mug up , not for who want to understand the concept . To effectively use this book you need to have a prior knowledge of C/C++ for that you can use Let us C . In the end of this book some HR questions are there which will help you a lot in the Interview, which I found really appreciated to have this book.