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Vibrant Publishers

GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide with Practice Questions

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  • 575 Verbal Reasoning Questions
  • 3 Practice Tests
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Expert and Effective Strategies
  • Overview of the GRE and Verbal Reasoning section
  • Detailed information on Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence Questions
  • Stress Management ebook (online)
  • 6-month and 8-week study plans (online)




GRE Verbal Reasoning Suprem... by Vibrant Publishers

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 528 pages

Paperback (ISBN): 9781636511412

eBook (ISBN): 9781636511429

Hardback (ISBN): 9781636511467

Trim Size: 8.5” x 11”

Category: Study Aids/GRE

Author: Vibrant Publishers


GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions is the only comprehensive guide you will need to be fully prepared for the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE! The book is a compilation of 575 Verbal Reasoning questions segregated into Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence. For you to understand the pattern of questions, there are separate chapters giving a rundown of the Verbal Reasoning section and the three types of questions.

You will be able to get a firm grip on how to answer the questions with the help of expert strategies given in the book. The book goes a step ahead to even give detailed solutions to questions instead of just stating the answers and leaving you scratching your head. When you have practiced all types of questions, you will be ready to test yourself with 3 Verbal practice tests that are provided in the book.

Additional Resources

This book will give you access to a Stress Management ebook with a 6-month and an 8-week study plan that will help you manage your stress while preparing for the GRE.

About the Author

Vibrant Publishers is focused on presenting the best texts for learning about technology and business as well as books for test preparation. Categories include programming, operating systems and other texts focused on IT. In addition, a series of books helps professionals in their own disciplines learn the business skills needed in their professional growth.

Vibrant Publishers has a standardized test preparation series covering the GMAT, GRE and SAT, providing ample study and practice material in a simple and well organized format, helping students get closer to their dream universities.

About the Series

About Test Prep Series The focus of the Test Prep Series is to make test preparation streamlined and fruitful for competitive exam aspirants. Students preparing for the entrance exams can now access the most comprehensive series of prep guides for GRE, GMAT, ACT, and SAT preparation. All the books in this series are thoroughly researched, frequently updated, and packed with relevant content that has been prepared by authors with more than a decade of experience in the field.

Editorial Reviews

GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide with Practice Questions is a work of non-fiction in the education genre. It is suitable for all ages of learners and is a comprehensive textbook to help students undertaking the GRE prepare for the Verbal Reasoning section of the exam. The practice questions and complete verbal tests effectively simulate the real exam by covering a multitude of potential subjects and the answers provided include explanations to help you understand why the possible responses are correct and what you need to take away from them.

The team at Vibrant Publishers have done a fantastic job when creating this highly effective guidebook. As an educator myself, I always value the inclusion of clear and concise language which can help students to learn, but also to empower and teach themselves where their education systems may have fallen short. It’s safe to say that this guide fills in all the essential gaps one might require when practicing Verbal Reasoning, but it elevates this advice with additional features such as logical and easy-to-refer-to organization, as well as a perky and inspirational narrative tone to keep students motivated through tough times. The extensive preparation question section would be worth getting this guide alone, not to mention the explicit explanation of guidelines and insider tips on what examiners are really looking for. Overall, I would certainly recommend GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide with Practice Questions as a catch-all guide for teachers, tutors, and especially students looking to hone and perfect their skills before the big exam.

- K.C. Finn                                    

Readers Favourite


GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide with Practice Questions is an outstanding resource to help prepare anyone for the GRE test. With all the questions, tips, and practice tests, this book is a must-have.

- Carlene Morrison                    

Independence County Library

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