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Management Essentials for Fresh Graduates, Software, E-commerce & Operations Professionals moving into Management Roles – Includes Practice Exercises, Case Studies based on Real Life Scenarios

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Essential Management Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Managers Leading a department or group of employees in a large organisation Or Started a business while studying and need lessons on managing it well

This combo of SIX Management books is specially created for those who have started their businesses or are in managerial positions in large and mid-size organisations. Equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge about the subjects such as Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operations - Supply Chain, Principles and Project Management. The books are designed in an easy-to-read and crisp format keeping in mind the multi-tasking entrepreneur and manager.

It is an excellent guide for learning management principles and can act as a guiding tool for all those who aspire to be entrepreneurs or managers.

Books in this combo:
  • Financial Management (ISBN-13: 978-1636511009)
  • Human Recourse Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395839)
  • Principles of Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395662)
  • Project Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395396)
  • Marketing Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395792)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395242)