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Management Essentials for Medical Professionals

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As a medical professional, you’ve been busy improving your core-competencies like prognosis, diagnosis, surgeries, etc. ever since your college days. Today your focus is more on your clinical expertise, but at the same time you want to grow your business multifold. Fast growth is only possible when you can build a team that can take care of the other aspects of the business, while you are focusing on your core-competencies. Unfortunately, you were not taught any of these management skills while you were in college and given your super-busy schedule, it is very difficult to enroll in a business school at this point in time.

To solve this ever-growing problem, we have introduced a Self-Learning Management Series for Medical Professionals. This set of 8 books has been specially designed to provide medical professionals with the management skills required to grow their professional practice. It offers a complete understanding of the business ecosystem, which is required to start as well as run successful business ventures. Knowing what management entails will help you provide creative direction and supervision to your team and succeed in accomplishing your vision for your practice.

This MANAGEMENT SET contains the following EIGHT books:
  • Business Strategy Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1949395778)
  • Digital Marketing Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1949395747)
  • Financial Accounting Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1636510972)
  • Financial Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1636511009)
  • Leadership Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1636510316)
  • Marketing Management (ISBN-13: 978-1949395792)
  • Organizational Behaviour Essentials (ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1636510378)
  • Principles of Management Essentials (ISBN-13: 978-1949395662)