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Management Essentials for Working Professionals with focus on Decision Making and People (Human Resource) Management – Includes Practice Exercises, Case Studies, Solved Examples, Real Life Scenarios

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COMBO includes the following THREE books:

BOOK 1:Decision Making Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (ISBN-13 : 978-1636510026)
This book prepares new managers and leaders to make those tough decisions they face by providing them with a tool box of decision analysis techniques to help them understand and analyze the decisions they make.
The chapters describe key techniques of decision analysis, including:
  • Cognitive biases and Prospect Theory
  • Heuristics
  • Probability and Expected Value
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Multi-attribute decision making, including the SMART, Elimination by Aspects, and Even Swaps methods
  • Game Theory
  • Prediction Markets
  • Brainstorming and Groupthink
  • Black Swan Events

BOOK 2: Human Resource Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (ISBN-13 : 978-1949395839)
This book guides readers through the challenges and provides tools to address those challenges.
It provides an understanding of areas including:
  • The concept of HRM
  • Performance management strategies
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Organizational development
  • Conflict management
  • Payroll and compensation
  • Information technology in HRM
  • Health and safety
  • Personnel development

BOOK 3: Principles of Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know : Second Edition (ISBN-13 : 978-1949395662)
This book provides the core information to speed your transformation from an employee into a successful manager.
That knowledge includes details in areas such as:
  • Management in an organization and understanding its functions and elements
  • Business responsibilities of a manager
  • Tools that can help you navigate your role as a manager
  • Managing employees and team relationships

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Category: Business & Economics

Author:  Vibrant Publishers, Mark Koscinski, Jaquina Gilbert &Callie Daum

About the Series

The Self-Learning Management Series is designed to help students, new managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons and covers every aspect of business, from HR to Finance to Marketing to Operations across any and every industry. Each book includes basic fundamentals, important concepts, and standard and well-known principles as well as practical ways of application of the subject matter.