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Vibrant Publishers

Selenium Testing Tools Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked

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  • 225 Selenium Testing Tools Interview Questions
  • 78 HR Interview Questions
  • Real life scenario-based questions
  • Strategies to respond to interview questions
  • 2 Aptitude Tests




Selenium Testing Tools Inte... by Vibrant Publishers

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 150 pages

Paperback (ISBN): 9781949395105

eBook (ISBN): 9781949395112

Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Category: Computers / Quality Assurance

Author: Vibrant Publishers


Selenium Testing Tools Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked: Second Edition is the perfect companion for students and professionals. This interview preparation book contains the most specific technical questions asked by interviewers and effective example responses to guide the thought process during an interview. What’s more, the human-resource based questions included in this book will put the interviewee in the driver's seat and help them steer their way to impress the interviewer.

Inside this book:

  • 225 Selenium Testing Tools Interview Questions, Answers and Proven Strategies for getting hired as an IT professional
  • Dozens of examples to respond to interview questions
  • 78 HR Questions with Answers and Proven Strategies to nail interviews
  • 2 Free Aptitude Tests download available on

About the Author

Vibrant Publishers is focused on presenting the best texts for learning about technology and business as well as books for test preparation. Categories include programming, operating systems and other texts focused on IT. In addition, a series of books helps professionals in their own disciplines learn the business skills needed in their professional growth.

Vibrant Publishers has a standardized test preparation series covering the GMAT, GRE and SAT, providing ample study and practice material in a simple and well organized format, helping students get closer to their dream universities.

About the Series

This book is part of the Job Interview Questions series that has more than 75 books dedicated to technical interview questions and answers for different interview subjects and HR-related topics.
This series of books has been written by experienced placement consultants and subject matter experts. Available in paperback and ebook form as well, these IT interview questions will help job aspirants ace their interviews and start their dream career.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Useful book for job interview

I am web developer and I loved this book as it is very short and useful for job interview.

The book is more about the topics in short and crisp way.

it has 7 chapters with important topics in question answer form with possible questions to be asked in the interview.

This is for people who know selenium and mostly likely questions to be asked in the he interview.

This is like a recap on all topics in question and answer format.

Start your preparation with vibrant

Are you preparing for interview?
Do you want to qualify for a good job?
Well, you are in the right place. This book from vibrant publication is really amazing. It gives us an idea about generic selenium, selenium IDE, RC 1.0, Grid, web driver, it's tool implementation. Also, about what type of interview questions we’ll get. How to deal with that type questions everything is mentioned in this. So, grab your copy and start preparing for your interview. All the best.

ajay kumar atkuri
Amazing purchase and delivered in good condition

If you want to learn selenium in less time and want to attend interview this is the is not completely from scratch but you need to do some research.if you are taking coaching in selenium this book can be used as reference.if you can by heart also no problem.covered each and everything about also very small around less than 140 pages which includes hr questions also master piece go for it without thinking a minute.