Four Management skills you can ace while you are home

by Vibrant Publishers

Most of us are working from home – and wondering how best we can utilize this time, not only for personal fulfilment but also for taking some career enhancement measures.

The best way to do this is to enhance and upgrade your management skills. You can either hone your soft skills or functional skills.
Vibrant Publishers’ Self Learning Management Series helps you to upgrade your functional skills in management.



Brush up your Marketing skills to win over both internal and external customers:


Whether you are an executive eyeing that managerial position or an existing manager looking to brush up on your marketing skills – you need to market to internal as well as external customers. Tools like SWOT analysis will help you in the more challenging aspects of a managerial position and will strengthen your negotiation skills.

Marketing Management Essentials provides you with a thorough understanding of the relationship between strategy and marketing. This enables better decision making skills based on the business environment and overall company strategy.
The book is replete with real life examples so that one can relate to the concepts easily.



Financial Management skills to take prudent decisions for every situation:


The financial aspect of any business is one of the most important. No matter which function you handle, if you are a manager or an entrepreneur, you will need to keep track of finances, accounts and cash flow at the least.

Most business owners struggle in this aspect because they are not finance and accounts savvy, by training. Three books from Vibrant’s stable – Financial Management Essentials, Cost Accounting and Management Essentials and Financial Accounting Essentials will equip you with strong basic fundamentals of financial management and accounting. You can learn costing, break even analysis, cost allocation and control, cash flows, income statements and mo re such fundamentals essential to having a grip on business finances.



Manage any Project like a Pro:

As employees first move towards management, they typically take on management of critical projects. With Project Management Essentials acquire project management skills that help you manage the complexity of modern projects, right from planning to execution to closure.




Get equipped with the latest in Operations and Supply Chain management:


Supply Chain management is the function which is said to be the defining function of the future. Moreover, in these troubled times, it is this function which develops the maximum roadblocks, and one needs to think of newer ways to navigate them.

Operations and Supply Chain Management Essentials uses a hypothetical company and the consumer product they make, to explain how the various functions within the Supply Chain intertwine so that you can contribute to bring the best finished product to life for consumers in the market. Be ready to take on the challenges of new demands, changing preferences, and unforeseen circumstances.

Each of these books will help you in your quest to better your career prospects, no matter which level of management you are in. You can order these books from our online shop or from Amazon either in the paperback or e-book format.