Vibrant Publishers is one of the first to bring out practice resources for the digital SAT in the form of 3 books



BROOMFIELD, CO, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2023: Vibrant Publishers is extremely thrilled to be a pioneer in bringing out updated and relevant practice questions for students appearing for the digital SAT starting from 2023. Vibrant has launched three books namely Digital SAT® Reading and Writing Practice Questions, Digital SAT® Math Practice Questions, and Practice Tests For The Digital SAT® in March 2023.



The first digital SAT test was conducted on March 11, 2023, internationally and in the US, it will be administered in 2024. Though there are several official guidelines and information about the testing pattern, format of questions, and the registration process, the new test takers and test prep educators do not have enough practice questions in the new format with the new question types. Vibrant’s team of SAT experts has created 1000+ practice questions for the new format of the test. These new SAT practice questions are compiled into three books that have been released in March as part of Vibrant’s Test Prep series.



The book, Digital SAT® Reading and Writing Practice Questions comprises 300 practice questions for the Reading and Writing section of the new digital SAT. The questions are based on a variety of subjects ranging from history, literature, social studies, science, and humanities which will give test takers a wide range of practice. The passage length will be shorter in the new digital SAT®, so the passages and questions in this book are curated according to this new guideline. The book includes an answer key and elaborate explanations of correct as well as incorrect answers.

Vibrant Publishers is one of the first publishers to come out with practice resources for the Digital SAT.



The Math section of the digital SAT will now focus more on geometry and trigonometry questions. So, to give a focused and relevant practice of the Math section, the Math Practice Questions for the Digital SAT® book includes 300 practice questions on different topics like algebra, geometry, statistics, data analysis, etc. The questions are of varying difficulty levels so that the learner can identify their strong areas and recognize the weak areas on which he/she needs to work. Learners can solve the questions and read the detailed answer explanations given for each question to understand the process of deriving the correct answer easily.



The third book, Practice Tests For The Digital SAT® is a collection of 5 new digital SAT tests that will give students a true experience of the new pattern of the SAT. The tests are divided into two sections of the digital SAT in a modular format. “Vibrant has put together good tests that should be an asset to any student wishing to be well prepared for this latest incarnation,” says Kate Dalby, President of Inspiring Test Preparation.



The three books are now available for purchase on and Amazon.



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Digital SAT® Reading and Writing Practice Questions (ISBN - 978-1-63651-158-0)

Digital SAT® Math Practice Questions (ISBN - 978-1-63651-159-7)

Practice Tests For The Digital SAT® (ISBN - 978-1-63651-157-3)